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The Theories Of Virus Origin - 1615 Words

Viruses are one of the most ancient and diverse wonders of the scientific world, yet they are not fully understood. Scientists still do not know of their origins, but have three main theories of how they came about. Viruses infect organisms, yet they do not perform the biological functions to be considered living organisms themselves. Viruses lack many of the abilities that scientists affiliate with living organisms. Primarily, they cannot reproduce without the help of a host cell, and do not use the normal cell-division process, mitosis, for replication. How did these entities arise and where did they come from? How did they evolve in this ever-changing world to still exist and be so prosperous? In my research I found three theories of virus origin; the theories include the progressive hypothesis, the regressive hypothesis, and the virus-first hypothesis. Investigations of their evolution have revealed many characteristics that allow them to thrive, including their high mutation rat e. This paper will discuss each of the theories of their origin and then attempt to explain some of the aspects of their evolution and high mutation rates. Viruses can find a host from any of the three domains of life and there are relationships with viral proteins from before the divergence of life at the molecular level according to studies. Therefore, viruses are the last universal common ancestor which is indicative of some viruses originating early in the evolution of life and that thereShow MoreRelatedRna World : A Possible Theory For Life Origin1490 Words   |  6 Pagesworld, a possible theory for life origin. I think the RNA world theory, combined with other theories, including clay chemistry and deep sea vents activities, is a very possible theory for life’s origin on Earth. RNA still serves important roles in cell now. It still participant into some reaction as enzyme. It is also a vital medium in protein synthesis because it is the main molecules in DNA translation and transcription (wiki, translation) (wiki, transcription). The RNA world theory is a widely-supportedRead MoreHiv And Aids : Aids1606 Words   |  7 Pagesis the virus that causes the disease AIDS. With this being said, I will now discuss some objectives that that will be covered throughout this lecture that I hope will help guide you as well as help you have a better understanding of the progression of this disease (Welcome to, 2009). OBJECTIVES These objectives include: Be able to know the difference between HIV and AIDS, become knowledgeable about where and how HIV first started, be able to identify the five different theories that wereRead MoreHuman Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )1359 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper explores the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as well as the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). The virus has infected two million adults and children by the year 2005 already. The virus continues to race around the world, and new HIV infections are at 50,000 per year (Martine Peeters, Matthieu Jung, Ahidjo Ayouba) (2013). The final outcome of the HIV infection is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There are many treatments that have developed to help the large numberRead MoreEssay about The Possible Mechanisms of Scrapie Contraction1043 Words   |  5 Pages1900’s. The first case of scrapie in the United States was found in Michigan in 1947 when the flock owner had imported sheep o f British origin several years prior. Since then scientists have researched to find the cause of the scrapie agent that are classified as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. At the present, scientists have presented three main theories that explain why the scrapie agent holds a dangerous threat against its host and how it elicits its symptoms. Scientists are finding geneticRead MoreHiv, Or Human Immunodeficiency Virus998 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion 1 HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, attacks the human immune system and greatly weakens the body’s ability to fight foreign invaders and infection. HIV first demanded notice in the early 1980s in the United States in homosexual men displaying illnesses like Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and Kaposi’s sarcoma. The disease was soon observed in IV drug users, hemophiliacs, and blood transfusion recipients, but became publicized as a â€Å"gay disease,† nicknamed by the media as GRID, or Gay-RelatedRead MoreAids ( Acquired Immune )1202 Words   |  5 PagesAIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a disease caused by a virus called HIV  (Human immunodeficiency virus). This changes the body’s immune system, exposing individuals to infections and diseases. HIV / AIDS is the most threatening pandemic in the whole world. It is one of the infectious diseases that has claimed lives of many individuals all over. This has been propagated by its means of trans mission from one individual to the other. For this reason, many organizations have come up to lookRead MoreRna World Theory, A Possible Theory For Life Origin. I1534 Words   |  7 PagesRNA world theory, a possible theory for life origin I think the RNA world theory, combined with other process, including clay chemistry and deep sea vents activities, is an extremely possible theory for origin of life. With addition of icy chemistry, the RNA world theory may also help us to find life outside Earth. â€Å"The RNA world theory is widely accepted by origin-of-life theorist† (Ricardo and Szostak 2009) The RNA world theory was initially proposed 1967 for origin of life. It includes the followingRead MoreIn 2015, An Estimate Of 36.7 Million People Was Living1009 Words   |  5 Pagesscientists have been able to understand the illness even more and created treatment/medication to allow a person living with HIV/AIDS to an extended lifespan. However, to truly understand HIV/AIDS one should learn of its origin and how the human body’s immune system usually deals with virus infections. A person’s immune system does amazing things in order to fend off any infections or bacteria that may harm the body. Specifically, the CD4 T cells can strengthen the immune system by releasing cytokinesRead MoreAre Chimpanzees Really And Blame?1199 Words   |  5 Pagesprices, for HIV medication up the roof, and the virus becoming more resistant to medications, there is nothing such as a happy ending for 50 million people worldwide still living with the disease (Renberg 267). The clock is ticking not just for the forty million, but also, for the science community, to not only find the cure, but, also give an explanation as to the origin of this fatal disease. So far the science community is puzzled as to the origin of HIVAIDS, but the good news is that this puzzleRead MoreAids/Hiv Essay 21504 Words   |  7 Pagesbreaks down the human immune system that starts out with the virus called HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS makes it impossible for the people suffering with the disease to fight off simple infections and viruses that normal, healthy individuals wouldn’t be affected by. It’s not the virus that actually kills the individual, it’s the small scale outside infections, tumors, and viruses that kills the person because the AIDS virus destroys that person’s immune system, which is the only defense

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The Bonesetter’s Daughter Essay - 2012 Words

Bones constitute on important part in The Bonesetter’s Daughter. What is the significance of the book’s title? â€Å"The Bonesetter’s Daughter† in my opinion holds a deeper meaning as a title. Amy Tan could have called the book â€Å"Precious Auntie† or â€Å"Liu Xing Gu† if you directly translate the bonesetter’s daughter. Why did Amy Tan choose this title? These three words must contain some deeper meaning and therefore we should not judge the title at face value. The first thing that we should look at is what these three words are signifying. They are putting emphasis on the bonesetter by saying that this book is about His daughter. Tan could have paraphrased the title into â€Å"The Daughter of the Bonesetter† This means that there must be†¦show more content†¦Taking that word apart we can see that it represents a person who sets bones, or basically, someone who fixes bones. This, I thought, is a very strange profession. Why isn’t he called a doctor? There must be some significance with the bones. And there was. Upon reading the first seven chapters there is almost no mention of any bones, any bonesetters or anything else from the sort. However, one you delve into the second section of the book, you find that this is the main point of these manuscripts of a person’s life. The person who wrote them has been greatly influenced by these bones. This person is none other than LuLing. As a very young child she had no idea that her fate had already been drawn out by these bones which she had never heard about. The first time she realizes how important they are for her life was when she reads the pages given to her by her mother. She learns about the curse that has caused her grandfather and mother such great pains and which will follow her until her death. It is not sufficient to state that bones are important add on to the story. They are one of the main ingredients. In fact if it wasn’t those particular bones from Peking Man none of this would have ever happened. This is why bones h ad to be part of the title. The bones from Peking Man are very closely related to LuLing herself. Actually, it is probably true that Peking Man was her ancestor who livedShow MoreRelatedBook Review : The Bonesetters Daughter By Amy Tan912 Words   |  4 PagesBook Review: The Bonesetter’s Daughter The relationship between mothers and daughters is often complicated, by emotions of love, disappointment, anger, and forgiveness. This tumultuous relationship is ever changing as both women age, their needs from one another change and a deep appreciation for the other is inevitable. That is what the Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan is about. In this book, the main character is an adult daughter, Ruth who is an only child to a stern, widowed Chinese immigrantRead MoreThe Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter s Daughter, And The Kitchen God s Wife3745 Words   |  15 PagesIn the novels, The Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter’s Daughter, and The Kitchen God’s Wife, Amy Tan creates the broken relationships of immigrant mothers and their â€Å"Americanized† daughters who struggle in social barriers they both face as they live in the new setting. Amy Tan analyzes mother-daughter relationships between character’s lovers and friends and how they develop over a course of unexpected events. Throughout The Joy Luck Club, The Bonesetter’s Daughter and The Kitchen God’s Wife, Amy TanRead MoreThe Relationship Between Mother and Daughter in The Rule of the Game1103 Words   |  5 PagesWaverly yelled at her mother on the street, telling her that she was embarrassed by her constant bragging. The theme for â€Å"The Rules of the Game† is the dynamics relationship between mother and daughter. The first citing from this story states about the dynamics relationships between mother and daughter is at the beginning of the story when Waverly was pulling her mother leg telling her that some boy from her class said that Chinese torture people. Then her mother got angry and told Waverly thatRead More A Mothers Love and a Daughters Growth Essay1586 Words   |  7 PagesTan’s novel, The Bonesetter’s Daughter, examines the love that takes another form: the love between a parent and child. In a heartfelt examination of the relationship between mother and daughter, Amy Tan brings to life the feeling of love a daughter often takes for granted in the relationship with her mother. In order to express the development of the characters in her novel, Tan uses time in a most useful manner. She draws upon the present in her portrayal of Ruth Young, daughter of LuLing YoungRead MoreAmy Tan Overcoming Faulty Relationships and Self Identity Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pageslike Tan’s life was running smoothly tragedy struck. Both Tan’s father and older brother died of a brain tumor when Tan was only fifteen years old (Wiener 27). In her works, Amy Tan focuses on the struggles that Chinese-American women face in mother-daughter relationships, their struggles to control their cultural identity and the tragedy that accelerates the broken relationship. Before coming to America, Tan’s mother had been forced into a marriage (Amy Tan). She divorced her first husband and wentRead MoreSelf Esteem Essay980 Words   |  4 Pagesauthor who has written a number of successful novels and short stories such as The Joy Luck Club; The Kitchen Gods Wife; The Moon Lady and The Chinese Siamese Cat, both juvenile or easy-reading fiction; The Hundred Secret Senses; and The Bonesetters Daughter. Lastly, she also studied English and linguistics and earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in both fields, proving that there is no need for self-esteem to be successful! Contradicting to the idea that self-esteemRead MoreBelonging Essay4112 Words   |  17 Pagesorg/wiki/One_Day_in_the_Life_of_Ivan_Denisovich Steinbeck, John The grapes of wrath AF Steinbeck, John Of mice and men AF Stoker, Bram Dracula AF JF Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s cabin AFYA Swift, Jonathan Gulliver’s travels AF JF Tan, Amy The bonesetter’s daughter AF Tolkien J.R.R. The hobbit, Lord of the rings AF YA Twain, Mark Adventures of Huckleberry Finn AF, YA JF Vaught, Susan Big fat manifesto YA Voigt, Cynthia Homecoming YA Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse five AF Walker, Alice The colour purple

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Understanding Schizophrenia From The Mind Of A Mental...

Understanding Schizophrenia from the Mind of a Mental Health Victim Themselves With basic information on what this mental illness is, to understand Schizophrenia further, research into personal encounters became apparent. After looking into the mind of Ian Chovil who was a victim of the mental health disease and finding his accounts very eccentric it is clear that this is something that could quite possibly affect the brains of the people that commit serious crimes in regards to the Media. Ian says in his story a few things which connect this type of mental health to violent obscure behaviour. He says he had delusions right from the start which after reading his story states, progressed from visions of famous persons trying to force him to commit suicide right to the later stages of his schizophrenia where he says he got a lot of messages from favourite Rock and Rolla songs, movies, cartoons and library books. Ian doesn’t say these forms of media forced him to murder innocent people but it does provide evidence that he received messages. These messages i n the mind of another schizophrenic could lead to serious acts of violence which leads onto the next part of his story where he mentions how his delusions changed as aliens instructed him on the real nature of reality then three things happened as contact with reality became very tenuous, he got into trouble with the law, became an alcoholic and lost his job. He is now taking instructions from a part of his mind he perceivesShow MoreRelatedCan Concussions Lead to Mental Disabilities?1494 Words   |  6 Pagesconcussions or lesions to the head lead to mental disabilities like mental retardation schizophrenia and other behavioral disorders? Although schizophrenia has many other underlying causes that may be unknown by some psychologist that are still trying to further understand this disease. But could it be that a concussion may cause an increased risk to athletes in high contact sports such as hockey rugby and football? â€Å"As with many mental disorders, the causes of schizophrenia are poorly understood. Friends andRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia1337 Words   |  6 PagesSymptoms of Schizophrenia What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects people all over the world. In addition, it was named by the brilliant psychiatrist and psychologist from Germany, Eugen Bleuler. Well, we must first define what a mental disorder is. A mental disorder is a mental health condition that affects the sufferer’s emotions, thought processes and behavioral activities. Other common mental disorders (also known as mental illnesses) besides schizophrenia include butRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia1476 Words   |  6 Pages Schizophrenia, paranoid type was researched in terms of diagnostic criteria based on many different actions that affect people in multiple ways. Schizophrenia is a disease in the brain that is an emotionally draining illness that can affect the victim along with anyone in contact with the victim. RB a young man has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, paranoid type. He lives at home with a loving family and he was always socially active and great student. Schizophrenia has been a severely stigmatized disorderRead MoreMental Health And Its Effects On Society1289 Words   |  6 Pages Everyone is different in society. There are special individuals, which are affected by mental health illnesses. Mental health issues can affect society both negatively and positively. There are cultures that treat these individuals like the reincarnations of gods. On the other side, there are cultures that isolate these individuals and look for cures to these pathologies. Mental health illnesses are important because they have to be studied to understand their cause, whether it may be biologicalRead MoreBorderline Personality Disorder ( Bpd )1484 Words   |  6 PagesBorderline Personality Disorder is one of the many serious mental conditions that is challenge to the individual suffering as well as family, friends or co-workers. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is known by impulsive behavior and instability, self-image and personal relationship issues. Individuals suffering from BPD may experience many of these symptoms listed in the DSM-V, â€Å"inappropriate, uncontrollable or vehement anger, chronic boredom or feelings of emptiness, extreme efforts to avoidRead MoreDisorganized Catatonic Behavior And Behavioral Patterns1413 Words   |  6 PagesDisorganized catatonic behavior becomes the biggest behavioral influence in schizophrenia. Behavioral patterns of schizophrenic individuals follow voices or individual influences within the mind that influence the individual to partake in ideas, opinions, and a complicated reality. Symptoms and patterns of behavior create an individual with this disorder to act hostile, confused, and possibly even dangerous; brain function is compromised and the emotions and learning capabilities are compromisedRead MoreEssay about Schizophrenia1399 Words   |  6 Pages Schizophrenia Child schizophrenia, like other psychopathologies has many documented, and several uncertain causes. Some scientists have evidence that pregnant mothers have experienced an immune reaction that present dangers to the unborn child. Schizophrenia is a disorder where the body=s immune system attacks itself. Schizophrenia is not present at birth but develops during the adolescence period or young adulthood. ASchizophrenia is a biological brain disease affecting thinking, perception,Read MoreOne Who Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest And Shutter Island911 Words   |  4 Pagesboth films, One Who Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Shutter Island, lobotomies are used as the last resort in attempts to heal both of the main characters’ mental instability – Randle McMurphy played by Jack Nicholson and Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The only difference is that McMurphy is forced to undergo a lobotomy and the mental institution never asked for his permission, while Daniels voluntarily agreed to a lobotomy. A lobotomy is neurosurgical operation in which a blade is insertedRead MoreDissociative Identity Disorder And Social Anxiety1372 Words   |  6 PagesPeople have had mental illnesses since the beginning of time. In this generation, the right look and the right actions are what everyone is looking for. Perfection is the aim, to  ¨fit in. ¨ Though, when we see someone with a mental or physical illness, we automatically jump to the conclusion that those people are different and we can’t be seen with them for the sake of a simple reputation. People know that others who suffer from these illnesses are different, yet they don’t question what is happeningRead MoreThe Link Between Mental Illness And Crime1930 Words   |  8 PagesIn a recent survey it was reported that one third of the public believe that people with mental health problems are likely to be violent and relate to crime, this has been the case for many years (Monahan, 1992). This image has been reinforced over the years by news and media (Wahl, 1992). Research studies have found very different results, some suggest a relationship between mental illness and crime (Lindquist Allebeck, 1990) and research suggests that this is not the case (Teplin, 1985). Emerging


ANIME ADDICTION A Term Paper Presented to Instructor. MANGORSI, FARHANNA Department of English Philippine Muslim Teacher,s College Marawi City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course General-Education ( English II) 2014-2015 By KHALID, AMNAH L. January, 2014 Anime Addiction Anime had widely spread in the whole world, its positive and negative effects are continuously being debated. 1. What is the history of Anime? 2. What are the reasons Anime Addiction? 3. What are the common positive effects of anime Addiction? 4. What are the common negative effects of anime Addiction? Intoduction A. Background information B. Importance of the paper C. Statement of the problem D. Definition of terms Anime addicton A. Reason†¦show more content†¦His works include around 15 movies. Seitaro Kitayama was an early animator who made animations on his own, not hired by larger corporations. He even founded his own animation studio, the Kitayama Eiga Seisakujo, which was later closed due to lack of commercial success. He utilized the chalkboard technique, and later paper animation, with and without pre-printed backgrounds. The works of these two pioneers include Namakura Gatana (An Obtuse Sword, 1917) and a 1918 film Urashima TarÃ…  which were discovered together at an antique market in 2007.[3] Anime and manga is not kid stuff, and its nothing like American cartoons. Most of it is produced for a teenage or adult audience. Anime series change over time; the plot is often intricate, and characters change, grow, and often die. The unpredictibility and emotional depth of anime as opposed to American cartoons is part of the appeal. Many anime series such as Evangelion or Battle Angel Alita are quite introspective as well as action-packed, and study questions of love, trust, and other deep feelings. To understand anime, it is fairly important to have at least a little understanding of Japanese culture itself. Anime and manga are currently produced for an exclusively Japanese audience--authors are often shocked to hear that they have American or European fans--and are thus based on cultural assumptions and references that Americans find puzzling at best. SomeShow MoreRelatedAnime Addiction3646 Words   |  15 Pagesto watch anime to needing to watch it. Our personal take on anime is we watch what we enjoy. And we truly like anime. But we keep thinking we should stop watching because it is childish. We purchase anime on rare occasions, and watch anime maybe once a week. Recently we have been watched a lot more anime than we should often since we found online site for anime. We’ve guess what we am saying is most of my friends and family dont get the anime thing. Therefore, we end up watching anime on my ownRead MoreThe Effects of Anime Addiction to Students Essay3892 Words   |  16 PagesEFFECTS OF ANIME ADDICTION TO STUDENTS Thesis Statement: There are negative and positive effects that may result from Anime addiction. Introduction Anime is a style of animation in Japan which it can lead into addiction. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Anime II. The negative effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Academic B. Health C. Behavior III. The positive effects of Anime AddictionRead MoreThe Video Is A Music Video1091 Words   |  5 PagesAnimator Expo in 2014, but was released in the US in 2015 through Vimeo with English subtitles. The song in the video was made by the electronic music artist Teddyloid feat. Daoko, a Japanese singer. The audience of this video would be all fans of anime and electronic music, i.e. presumably young people who proactively use electronic devices. The video is set in three main sequences, each revolving around the main character, a young teenage boy. It follows his dreamy haze of his break-up, and hisRead MoreThe Growth of Japenese Anime1985 Words   |  8 Pages Anime was created by Japan, in the year 1917, which introduced a new, entertaining and exciting commodity for the Japanese community to experience and witness. Japan had finally experienced its very own cartoons, which would indulge the Japanese culture that every Japanese citizen is proud of and admires. However, the early years of Anime wasnt its most successful, in fact it was by far its worst. Anime could not keep up with the Western cartoons, to the extent that even the Japanese would preferRead MoreThe Book Sailor Moon 1382 Words   |  6 Pagesme going on my little temper tantrum. I swear I never seen her laugh so hard. Apparently she was a huge anime/manga nerd, and after about five minutes of laughing, she taught me how to read it. It finally made sense. That’s when my addiction started, for Julie didn’t only show me how to read manga. She showed me anime, for those of you who don’t know what anime is. Let me enlighten you, anime is a Japanese hand-drawn/ computer animation and a lot of it is based off a manga. One of my first anime’sRead MoreThe Story Of Phil s Life1538 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"can I ask why on earth we re watching this and not doing our usual anime routine?†. He looked at Phil with a confused expression, his eyebrows were furrowed and his nose slightly scrunched up. â€Å"It s interesting stuff, before you woke up, a lamp from Victorian times sold for over  £1000†. He responded, the genuineness in his voice made Dan laugh in response. â€Å"And because someone slept in, it d be too late to start our anime session†. He widened his eyes and glared at Dan. â€Å"Okay okay, sorry. ButRead MoreMovie Analysis : Undertale 1248 Words   |  5 Pagespressures of materialism through games, where power is quantified by economic and itemized power, projects a negative image of what society values as being powerful. But Undertale, depending on one’s playstyle, becomes a rejection of this collection addiction, subverting players’ expectancies of a character’s manifestation of power. As the pun-loving, skeleton guard Sans points out in the final level, the player is able to gain 0 XP, remain LV 1, and earn only enough gold for healing items. In UndertaleRead MoreThe Otaku : Popular Culture And Pop Culture1370 Words   |  6 Pagesthe next evolutionary line of Japanese society, a clarification may be need. An otaku, as westerners may have heard its usage, is a person who spend most of their time at home remaining socially inactive in favor of interacting with pop culture like anime, manga, video games and collectibles. The stereotype is very similar to the American comic book or figurine collector. Unlike its American counterpart who is defined by what they collect or play, an otaku is more of an umbrella term for all peopleRead MoreThe Discussion of Homosexuality in Comic Books1980 Words   |  8 Pagesappeared in the twenty-third issue of The Hulk!, written by Jim Shooter, who was also Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics during this time. A Very Personal Hell, a story that addressed several adult themes, including homelessness, drug abuse, drug addiction, domestic violence, suicide, and prostitution, became infamous because of a scene in the showers of a YMCA, where two gay men tried to rape Bruce Banner (Lonely Gods). This scene made gay men to look like sexual predators, instead of showing homosexualityRead MoreRepresentation Of Queer Characters On Children Television3821 Words   |  16 Pagesoften having cups and what looks like wine glasses near her. As a child, one would likely see those characteristics has a very exhausted working mother, as a teenager or adult those same characteristics become much more obvious hints at an alcohol addiction. Of those two major characters who defined and showed a dysfunctional and often abusive home, Hey Arnold! Also introduced a new character in the season two. The episode â€Å"New Teacher† introduced Mr. Simmons, Arnold and his friends’ new 4th grade teacher

Information and Strategic Internet Skills †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Information and Strategic Internet Skills. Answer: Introduction: In order to conduct a survey on the usage of internet and advanced technologies in Micronesia the target population chosen is between 18-30 years of age. This age group however caters the one-third population of Micronesia. The total population of the Federated States of Micronesia has almost 120,000 people according to the World Bank until last decade(Mori Governors, 2013). Non-Probability Sampling technique can be implemented in order to provide a detailed explanation of representativeness of the chosen sample population. It must be taken into account, that Non Probability sampling derives its control from the decisions of the investigator. However, in non-probability sampling technique, the cases are chosen on based on the accessibility and decisive aspects of the researcher. This type of sampling method has its beneficial factors in the area of convenience and is frequently used for social as well as psychological investigations in order to achieve a wide range of idea about the major population. One form of sampling known as the judgemental or purposive sampling is the technique that is based on the notions of the target population, their characteristics and other qualities, which are already known by the investigator. This type sampling techniques can be comprehended in an improved and effortless manner in comparison to other sampling techniques (Etikan, Musa Alkassim, 2016). The process of judgemental sampling can be regarded as an improved and enhanced explanation for the research in internet consumption among the adults living in Micronesia. This sampling technique can prove to play a beneficial role, as there is no existence of statistical expertise and knowledge. The most appropriate technique of sampling design for this research subject is judgement sampling as it can be implemented when there is a limited target population that caters a shared interest and inclination (Baker et al., 2013). The target age group selected for this study primarily do minates the young adult age group along with the adult age group thus; it is referred as the only viable sample technique in order to gather detailed knowledge and information from this particular age group. However, this type of sampling method can also be used for this investigation, as the interview is predetermined and conscious of the reliable professional or influence that he or she considers is proficient for the assemblage of a representative sampling size. 1) What is the level of internet dependency and addiction among the youth population living in Micronesia? 2) Is there any differentiation between sex, gender and internet addiction among the young adults and adult population of Micronesia? 3) Is there is any association of internet usage with the education or occupational level among the Micronesian adults? 4) Does immense use of internet causes behavioural, physical and psychological issues among the target population. 5) Is there any positive influence of internet usage on the adult population? Five Demographic variables of the study on internet usage among Micronesian adults In the process of conducting survey research, it has been identified that the purpose of internet usage among both young adults and adults is a dependent variable, whereas the other demographic variables are considered as independent variables. Gender aspects are considered as a dominant factor that influences the reasons and objective of the use of internet who utilizes the internet accessibility for less than an hour every day. Young adults belonging to the young adult group category primarily uses internet for doing college assignments. More than 70 percent of female students and more than 50 percent of male students implement internet usage for completing their assignments (Choi DiNitto, 2013). However, among the older adults who belong to the occupational category 60 percent of females use internet technologies for office use, shopping sites and other social networking sites whereas, more than 75 percent of working men indulges into using internet usage for both work purposes a nd other sites (Duggan Brenner, 2013). Thus, when comparing these two genders, it can be argued that the use of internet among women is relatively lower than compared to men. Grade variable is regarded as another dominant aspect that influences the internet usage of male correspondents for less than an hour in comparison to the women adults (Duggan Brenner, 2013). The target belonging to the young adult population, which is the young male students, utilizes the internet for assignment purposes. Another variable based on monthly wage is another dominant variable that has affected the purposes of using internet amongst male and female adults. Among the young adults whose families have lower monthly income have an internet usage for 1-2 hours to work on their assignments (Todd, 2014). Whereas, targets with families of high income access to the internet for more than educational purposes such as social-networking and other networking sites. Thus, it can be concluded that monthly income directly influences the purposes of internet usage Young adults who have lower monthly income have lower rate of internet usage in comparison to the adult category that belongs to families with higher monthly earnings. The aspect of internet experience is considered as another significant demographic variable related to the internet usage. Factors related to internet efficacy are regarded as an individuals beliefs and notions about their ability to competently access the internet. However, lack of expertise in internet usage can result in developing anxiety about the usage of technical system (Van Deursen Van Dijk, 2014). The impact of internet experience base on several internet behaviours and attitudes suggests that the result may be similar to the ones that have its origination from the attitudes related to computer technologies and internet (van Deursen Van Diepen, 2013). According to several investigations, experience with advanced technologies play a vital role in the rate of internet usage among both the young and adult population of Micronesia. Prior experience and knowledge reflect the influence of navigational behaviours whereby, the novice or inexperienced internet searchers have more tendencies to get perplexed and lost. Computer training programmes can be considered as another useful variable related to the rate of internet usage amongst the Micronesian adults. Sufficient rate of training and induction for internet usage improves the knowledge and expertise of an individual in areas related to internet or computer technology (Stalker, 2015). This can however be noted as advantageous in reducing the possible obstacles and further increase the comfort level of an individual. It further facilitates the adult target population to use a wider range of navigation equipments for a smooth accessibility of internet usage. No. Survey Questions Strongly disagree (1) Disagree (2) Indifferent (3) Agree (4) Strongly agree (5) Internet Usage (18-30 years) 1. I use internet because of educational or work purposes. 2. I use internet more as an entertainment purpose than for work or education. 3. Duration of hours spent on internet. 4. Does gender disparity play a significant role in internet usage? 5. Women involve in more amount of time in internet usage than men do. 6. Working adults use more internet facilities than younger adults engaged in educational sectors 7. Young male adults use more Internets in comparison to female students. 8. Extensive internet usage influences psychological issues among the adults 9. The use of internet isolating the adults of Micronesia 10. Internet helps in improving the knowledge of the adults in Micronesia One third of the population of 18-30 years of Micronesia engage in using internet for their day-to-day activities (Mori Governors, 2013). This target group however caters a population of young adults who belongs to high school or university level and adult section, which is referred as working professionals. In recent times, both educational domains as well as work require high level of internet accessibility. The level of dependency of the target population of 18-30 years must be evaluated through this survey question. Internet users in recent times are engaged in high rates of web accessibility whereby, people are more inclined towards social networking sites for various entertainment as well as recreational purposes rather than work related intentions. Micronesia is a nation where more than 30,000 thousand of the population is engaged in internet usage. This question will assist in understanding the number of users engaging in social networking sites. Micronesia, a state has almost 31.5% of its population with internet accessibility at home (Mori Governors, 2013). The population of internet users have accessibility at their places whether through any device namely computer or mobile as well as any other internet connections. The duration of internet usage can be comprehended through this question. Gender disparities are identified the ways in which information are channelized as well as decision-making process are established in terms of the usage of internet. Differences between men and women in the process of internet usage are present because men tend to be more inclined to computers and advanced technologies than women (Stalker, 2015). Certain gender disparities also exist because of concerns related to socio-economic status, whereby men and women may vary in technological adaptation that further influences the accessibility of internet and advanced technology. Women reportedly, use indulges in lower rate of internet usage such as business purposes than men do. In other situations, women indulge in more social media usage in order to share personal and entertainment information in internet sites rather than making revelations about their personal lives and experiences (Todd, 2014). Both men and women have changing degrees of online activity across varied regions. The aspect of social media platform is highly dependent on millions of women. They tend to spend nearly ten minutes of time on various sites of social networking via mobile web or through various applications of daily lives in comparison to men who tend to spend less than the women do. Working adults consistently have shown increased rates of technology usage in comparison to the younger population pertaining to the high schools and universities. The former group is regarded to be more digitally associated with the internet usage because of their increased knowledge on internet accessibility and technologies. However, there can be another notable disparity between younger adults and working adults of 30 years (Mori Governors, 2013). The increased ownership of smart phones amongst the target population is getting double in the past five years. Internet accessibility among the age of 18-30 years is immensely correlated with the monthly income of the household as well as educational attainment. Young adults might be more subjected to internet usage and advanced gadgets due to the increasing rates of internet accessibility within their households. Educational institutes significantly depends on assignment which further facilitates them to improve their knowledge and skills on the particular subject. Students catering the group of younger adults seek assistance of online books and journals in order to accomplish the demands of the changing world in terms of technology in particular (Ayub, Hamid Nawawi, 2014). Several online lesson groups offers graduate or post graduate students with the access to multimedia domain, which they can use at any given place, at any given time, and further support their learning in a scheduled manner. An expansion of internet usage in daily lives have led humans to reach anyone at any part of the globe, to shop online, to access online education as well as work remotely. However, this has caused detrimental effects to the lives of humans. The new form of disorder popularly known as cyber bullying has led millions of people to depend wholly on the services of internet. It has been further identified as a concern of clinical entity that is referred as a condition resulting in significant decrease in the social as well as academic functioning of an individual. Increased rate of internet usage though have resulted in improvement of the quality of lives but has further led to the restrictions of social interactions. Though the world has become a more connected and associated place it has decreased the rate of face to face interactions amongst individuals (Kardefelt-Winther, 2014). People could vaguely relate to the lives of others in this arena of excess rate of internet. Excess rate of internet though has resulted in causing isolations to the population target but has an immense contribution in the domain of knowledge enhancement of students as well as working individuals. It has paved the way for many who earlier used to get hindered due to lack of expertise and relative knowledge. References Ayub, A. F. M., Hamid, W. H. W., Nawawi, M. H. (2014). Use of internet for academic purposes among students in Malaysian institutions of higher education.TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology,13(1). Baker, R., Brick, J. M., Bates, N. A., Battaglia, M., Couper, M. P., Dever, J. A., ... Tourangeau, R. (2013). Summary report of the AAPOR task force on non-probability sampling.Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology,1(2), 90-143. Choi, N. G., DiNitto, D. M. (2013). The digital divide among low-income homebound older adults: Internet use patterns, eHealth literacy, and attitudes toward computer/Internet use.Journal of medical Internet research,15(5). Duggan, M., Brenner, J. (2013).The demographics of social media users, 2012(Vol. 14). Washington, DC: Pew Research Center's Internet American Life Project. Etikan, I., Musa, S. A., Alkassim, R. S. (2016). Comparison of convenience sampling and purposive sampling.American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics,5(1), 1-4. Kardefelt-Winther, D. (2014). A conceptual and methodological critique of internet addiction research: Towards a model of compensatory internet use.Computers in Human Behavior,31, 351-354. Mori, H. E. M., Governors, M. (2013). Federated States of Micronesia. Stalker, D. S. (2015).Structural Adjustment, Debt, and Internet Usage: A Longitudinal Study of Developing Countries(Doctoral dissertation, The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.). Stalker, D. S. (2015).Structural Adjustment, Debt, and Internet Usage: A Longitudinal Study of Developing Countries(Doctoral dissertation, The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY.). Todd, C. R. (2014). Micronesian libraries and archives: A review of the literature.IFLA journal,40(4), 289-295. van Deursen, A. J. A. M., Van Diepen, S. (2013). Information and strategic Internet skills of secondary students: A performance test.Computers Education,63, 218-226. Van Deursen, A. J., Van Dijk, J. A. (2014). The digital divide shifts to differences in usage.New media society,16(3), 507-526.

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GDP Forecast for 2002 free essay sample

This is a paper that examines each component and sub-component of GDP current estimates for the year 2002. The components of the GDP are analyzed for their contribution to the estimated results. These include consumption, investment, government spending and net exports. The paper examines all these facts and concludes that the U.S. economy is not on the road of recovery anytime soon and that unless there is an increased level of consumption as well as exports, the likelihood of a higher GDP is dim. One of the largest components of GDP, consumption depends largely on how the masses consume and the price index. In the last few months it could be seen that due to the energy crises, consumption of non-durable goods have slowed down. Producer indicates high price inflation which have gained as much as 1 percent in March, 2002. The rising price of energy which increased by 5.5 percent have resulted in approximately an increase in crude price upto 43%. We will write a custom essay sample on GDP Forecast for 2002 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As a result of this Economists at Bear Stearns predict that consumer price inflation will rise upto 1.5 percent for the year 2002 from 1.1 in 2001 [Bandur, April 2002].

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Westjet Case Anaysis Essay Example

Westjet Case Anaysis Essay Jet Airlines is a Calgary-based discount airline founded in 1996. Starting with only three aircrafts in 1996, the company is now â€Å"Canada’s leading high-value low-fare airline. † The management of WestJet Airlines assumes that the success of the business is anchored in the culture of the corporation and the welcoming service provided to its customers. Beddoe, the president and the CEO of WestJet, is proud of the airlines performance and the customer service it offers. He believes that the corporate culture was the key to success and the company’s attainment. WestJet’s culture is very entertaining, hassle-free, unperturbed, and relaxed. The ratings of the customer satisfaction are higher than those of the other airlines. Top management trusts and values its employees. It is assumed that having content, cheerful personnel results in a first-rate customer service. WestJet is a company that is managed â€Å"from the bottom up. † As Beddoe states, â€Å"We set some standards and expectations, but don’t interfere in how our people do their jobs. Due to the fact that the employees and the management work as a crew, WestJet management saves money on hiring additional human resources. There is no need for supervisors because the employees supervise themselves and work together towards the organization’s goal. The corporation culture is what led WestJet to their â€Å"victory. † With the success, the company came to a decision about expanding its market. With the development strategy, the risk of the culture of the company being vanished draws closer. This is the foremost problem that WestJet might face. We will write a custom essay sample on Westjet Case Anaysis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Westjet Case Anaysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Westjet Case Anaysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In view of the fact that culture is what made the company successful, with it being misplaced, it would be hard for WestJet to accomplish their purpose – customer satisfaction. The involvement culture of WestJet helped it in achieving high employee performance, increasing revenue, and escalating customer service satisfaction. WestJet’s culture is based on trust and respect among all employees. Everyone is treated equally, without exceptions, regardless of the function they perform in the company. The work atmosphere is fun and enjoyable. The culture is the source of the management and the workers happiness, contentment, and what is most important the guests satisfaction. Nevertheless, what brought success to the company, may become a threat when it does not meet the employee needs. With a greater expansion, the management of WestJet would have to hire significantly more people in order to operate the company efficiently and effectively. Some people, like the example of Steve Smith, may be used to different managing style and might find it difficult or impossible to adapt to a new culture. Given that the culture is a main source of WestJet’s success, the weakening of the employees’ performance would benefit other airlines competing with WestJet. Fast expansion indicates less time for new workers to adjust to the corporation values and beliefs. This creates a problem. In order to improve the situation, WestJet would have to get to the bottom of it and implement a reasonable solution. Top management would have to decide whether it should expand the airline or not. One of the alternatives could be offering instruction and coaching the newly hired personnel. Beddoe asserts that their culture is new and hiring people who have no past experience with the airline industry is the preeminent option. While being unfamiliar with what to expect, it is easier for a prospective employee to adapt to the corporate culture and become an efficient member of the workforce. WestJet Airlines already provide coaching to their employees so they would become aware of the consequences of decisions they make. Furthermore, when precedents take place, supplementary training was supplied. Therefore, in order to sustain the corporate culture, while expand the industry, it is important that WestJet Airlines continues making additional training and coaching available to their newly hired staff members. A drawback of this alternative might be the waste of the organization’s time and money. The potential employees may seem to perfectly fit the culture of the company but then after being hired they might decide that this is not the kind of job they want to perform. This would be a sunk cost to WestJet. In addition to that, WestJet Airlines could implement a hiring process through which they could verify if a particular individual is well suited for a specific job. WestJet already endows with a special employment process using practical job previews, job simulations, and behavioral interviews for which the prospective employees cannot prepare due to the fact that such interviews test whether the person is presentable and what characteristics of his or her behavior would benefit and satisfy the needs of the company. While hiring more people needed for a fast growing industry, it is recommended that WestJet pays additional attention to the process of employing. Defining whether an individual is a perfect fit for the company determines the future success of the corporation. This option however has a drawback; during a job simulation people might act different than while performing their job due to additional stress and pressure that arises in demanding situations that come with performing specific job duties. Another alternative would be stopping or slowing the expansion down. Keeping the same size of the company would prevent the culture from being petered out. Nonetheless, different problems might arise, such as higher competition. Other airlines that base their success on various aspects other than culture grow constantly gaining a higher market share. Expansion would bring them higher profits that would allow the airlines offer their customers unbeatable ticket prices, loyalty programs, and other numerous deals. Moreover, without implementing the expansion plan, WestJet would not be able to gain higher revenues. Therefore, the corporation would remain in the same position it is now while losing the market share. With time, the WestJet’s guests might switch to their competitors who would offer them better deals and wider travel destination selection. Taking into consideration the alternatives I proposed, the one that would benefit WestJet the most would be offering coaching and training to new employees. It is a great opportunity for both the company and the employees to have a â€Å"fresh start. † No previous experience, no particular habits and tendencies would make it possible for the new staff members to adjust to the corporate culture faster and easier. Obtaining the most qualified individuals with special mannerism and attributes that meet the required criteria for a position at WestJet should be an imperative part of the hiring process. Picking the right employees would guarantee the WestJet’s culture to continue. The employees and the top management would be happy and that would provide a superior communication process. Great communication process means no missed opportunities, faster and efficient issue solving procedure, and leading the company effectively towards its main goal – customer satisfaction. All things considered, WestJet is a very successful company that has a potential to keep growing yet bigger and enhancing its accomplishment. In order to reach to company’s objective, they need to sustain the most important factor leading to its success – happy employees and happy guests. This can only be achieved if the business protracts its corporate culture. With the purpose of doing so, it is recommended that WestJet implements the training and coaching strategy when hiring new staff members and makes sure that the individuals the hire fit the company’s beliefs and values. As soon as they reach that goal, the process of expansion should not have any effect on the success of the company.